Thursday, February 16, 2017

Budget chicken?

From the Star Tribune, regarding proposed cuts by the Legislature in education funding.  Supposedly this is just a strategy move on the part of the sponsors to force something in terms of cuts they are angling for and won't actually occur:
Official: Cut could result in‘bloodbath’ 

Natrona County may see sizeable reduction

A Senate budget provision that would cut $91 million from schools in Wyoming could result in a “bloodbath” of layoffs in Natrona County, the school board chairman said Tuesday.
Irrespective of whether the move is strategic or not, this seems like a dangerous game to be playing.  Granted, the State hasn't found a way to carry the freight for education now that the coal train is derailed, but if this passes (and I don't think it will, and I don't think the Governor would allow it to carry through and we'd be right on to a special session), its hard to credit the concept that we're going to do something to diversify our economy if we're going to slash education for those who will soon be in that economy.

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