Monday, February 13, 2017

Today In Wyoming's History: February 13, 2016. Justice Scalia passed.

Something that was posted on on our companion Today In Wyoming's History blog a year ago today:
Today In Wyoming's History: February 13:

 2016  Antonin Scalia passes on.
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So, an entire year has gone by, with lots of drama associated with it.  And the drama just keeps on keeping on, it seems.

Both of the nominees to fill this position have been good justices. The GOP held up President Obama's nominee, however, as they correctly surmised (probably) that approving that nominee would tilt the court to the left for decades.  It was quite a gamble on their part, but they read things correctly and were not only not punished at the polls for their actions, but probably gained a significant number of votes by doing it. Democrats have cried foul but in reality not approving Supreme Court nominees is not novel, and indeed treating them very badly isn't novel either.

Now the Democrats are threatening to hold up President Trump's nominees. But they seemingly fail to grasp that they don't have the votes to do that, they can only delay it. And there's no good reason to believe that achieves anything politically. They ought not to try that, but they likely will.

And so the drama goes on.

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