Friday, February 10, 2017

End of Sugar Cane farming in Hawaii.

Hawaii’s last working sugar mill, in Puunene, Maui, produced its last harvest last month. The last truck, piled high with newly cut cane stalks, blew its horn as it circled the mill yard. People cheered and held high their phones; a priest led a prayer. The cane was later put on a ship for processing in California, and 375 employees of the Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Company became the last of the last to be laid off.
So stated an article I picked up a couple of weeks ago, and now have lost the source of.

Quite a change.

Initial colonization of Hawaii was for agricultural purposes, and agriculture, including sugar, was big on several islands.

And now its gone.

Sugar Cane field being burned on Maui.  Now a scene of the past.

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