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A page dedicated to Wyomingites, and by Wyomingites, we mean people actually born in Wyoming, rather than people who relocated here and later claimed the title, or were associated with it.


Burnu Acquanetta

This one is sort of a maybe, oddly enough.

Acquanetta's place of birth and even the circumstances of it are disputed.  She claimed to have been born in Wyoming and to have been of Arapaho parentage, which she may very well have been.  Having said that, there are competing stories including where her birthplace was.

She was an actress was active in the late 1940s and early 1950s.  If she was a Wyomingite, she was born in Cheyenne or perhaps Ozone, Wyoming.  An entry on her on Today in Wyoming's History appears here.

Category: Actress.


Thurmon Arnold.

Our entry on Arnold on Today In Wyoming's History:
1969  Thurmon Arnold, Assistant Attorney General for Antitrust actions in the Roosevelt Administration from 1938 to 1943, and former Mayor of Laramie, born in Laramie, died on date.  The Thurman Arnold Building in Washington D. C. is named after him.  He was later a Justice of the D. C. Circuit.


James Beaver Jr.

Beaver is an actor and filmmaker who was born in Laramie.  His father was studying as a graduate at the University of Wyoming at the time.

Category: Actor


Jim J. Bullock

Bullock is an actor who was born in Casper Wyoming but raised in Texas.

Category:  Actor


Thomas Coburn, MD

Former Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn was born in Casper Wyoming.

Coburn, who is a physician, seems to have principally resided in Oklahoma, so his time in Wyoming appears to have been brief.

Category:  Politician.

Date Added:  January 16, 2017


Darren Dalton

Dalton is an actor and screenwriter who was born in Powell Wyoming

Category:  Actor, Writer


Richard "Mickey" Daniels Jr.

Daniels was a child actor who was one of "Our Gang". He was born in Rock Springs Wyoming.  Acting didn't follow him into his adult years, and he ultimately became a tax driver in San Diego.

Category:  Actor.


Lloyd Fredendall

Lloyd Fredendall was a U. S. Army officer who rose to the rank of Lieutenant General during World War Two.  He rose to high command prior to Operation Torch but his fortunes faded after the Battle of the Kassarine Pass and was relieved by George S. Patton.  He received his promotion from Major General to Lieutenant General after that but he did not command troops in the field again.

He was born at Ft. D. A. Russell where his father was serving in the Army at the time.  His father stayed in Cheyenne after being discharged from the Army and became the Laramie County Sheriff before reentering the Army during the Spanish American War.  Fredendall was a West Point appointee from Wyoming.

Category:  Soldier

Date added:  January 14, 2017


Jesse Garcia

Actor Jesse Garcia was born in Rawlins, Wyoming.


Anne Gorsuch

Anne Gorsuch was well known for one reason, but is now well known for a second.

Gorsuch was the controversial head of the EPA under President Ronald Reagan for a total of two years.  The controversy she drew was really too intense for a long tenure in that office.  Gorsuch, a lawyer by training, was the first female head of that agency.

She was born in Casper Wyoming, but really grew up in Denver, becoming a state legislator prior to rising to head the EPA. Her family had long roots in Colorado.  She was still practicing law at the time of her death at age 62.

She is the father of Neil Gorsuch, recently appointed United States Supreme Court Justice.

Category:  Civil Servant, Politician, Lawyer

Date added:  April 15, 2017


Mildred Harris.  Her entry in Today In  Wyoming's History
1901  Mildred Harris, movie actress, born in Cheyenne.  She was a significant actress in the silent film era, having gone from being a child actor to a major adult actress, but had difficulty making the transition to talking pictures.

Harris is also evidence that, in spite of my notation of changes in moral standards elsewhere, the lives of movie stars has often been as torrid as they are presently.  Harris married Charlie Chaplin in 1918, at which time she was 17 years old and the couple thought, incorrectly, that  she was pregnant.  She did later give birth during their brief marriage to a boy who was severely disabled, and who died only three days after being born.  The marriage was not a happy one.  They divorced after two years of marriage, and she would marry twice more and was married to former professional football player William P. Fleckenstein at the time of her death, a union that had lasted ten years.  Ironically, she appeared in three films in 1920, the year of her divorce, as Mildred Harris Chaplin, the only films in which she was billed under that name. While an actress probably mostly known to silent film buffs today, she lived in some ways a life that touched upon many remembered personalities of the era, and which was also somewhat stereotypically Hollywood.  She introduced Edward to Wallis Simpson.

She died in 1944 at age 42 of pneumonia following surgery.  She has a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  A significant number of her 134 films are lost or destroyed due to film deterioration.  Her appearances in the last eight years of her life were minor, and unaccredited, showing the decline of her star power in the talking era.

Stories like hers, however, demonstrate that the often held concept of great isolation of Wyomingites was never true.  Harris was one of at least three actors and actresses who were born in Wyoming and who had roles in the early silent screen era.  Of those, she was arguably the most famous having risen to the height of being a major actress by age 16.

Cecilia Hart

Cecilia Hart is an actress who was born in Cheyenne.  She is married to actor James Earl Jones.

Category:  Actor


Isabell Jewell

Jewell was a famous Broadway and film actress of the 1930s and 1940s.  She was born in tiny Shoshoni.


Michael Punke

Michael Punke is the the Deputy United States Trade Representative and US Ambassador to the World Trade Organization in Geneva, Switzerland.  He's better known to the public, however, as a novelist, having written The Revenant, which was recently made into a movie.

Category:  Author


Michael Sullivan

Mike Sullivan was governor of Wyoming, but he's not included for that reason. The recently inducted "Citizen of the West" was Ambassador to Ireland during the Clinton administration, quite a notable position.  Sullivan was born in Douglas.

Category:  Civil Servant, Politician


Wally Wales (Floyd Taliaferro Alderson)

Wales was a rancher from Sheridan who had an acting career in the 1920s through the 1950s, after which he returned to his native place of Sheridan.

Category:  Actor


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