Friday, February 24, 2017

The Cheyenne State Leader for February 24, 1917. Where will they work?

Today an age old problem was addressed for returning troops.

Where are they going to work?

It wasn't until World War Two that legislation guaranteeing a soldier's right to return to his former employment existed.  Up until that time, they just took their chances.  Now, Guardsmen returning to the state would be hoping to return to employment, assuming that they weren't returning to school.  Fortunately for them, the state was in a boom and there was a lot of work.  In other areas of the country Guardsmen hadn't been so fortunate.

In other new, Governor Kendrick was on his way to be Senator Kendrick and receiving send offs.  An American missionary was amongst those who had recently gone down at sea at German hands.  Food was a big concern in the UK and the US.  And Frederick Funston was laying in state in San Francisco.

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