Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wolkenkuckucksheim U?

 Our image of the academic, a professor of the teens.  This was right at the point where academia went from being a very conservative profession to an increasingly liberal one.

On this day when may university students start a break, Walter E. Williams and George F. Will are both analyzing university professors in the context of the current election.

Williams is an African American economist at George Mason University.  That might lead you to suspect you know what he wrote, but you'll be surprised (unless you are otherwise familiar with his columns.  His current column starts:
Will's current column is remarkably similar:
Now, in fairness, it would be far from correct to presume these sorts of things are universal at all American campuses.  But it is also true that universities have become bastions of the surreal in many fashions, and in ways that baffle even the very highly educated in the general population.  How did that happen?

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