Friday, November 11, 2016


There has been protests, some of which have turned violent, about the election of Donald Trump.

Now, I didn't vote for Trump and frankly I don't care for him.  I didn't vote for Clinton either, and I think the Democratic Party received a huge wake up call on Tuesday.

And I also think we might have seen some of this had Clinton won.

But we are seeing it now that Trump has won.

Well, it was an election under the Democratic process.  People who are protesting, and who sympathize with the protests, essentially stand, intellectually, with Southern successionist in 1860.  I.e., if I can't be quarterback I'm taking my football and going home.  Time for them to grow up.

And yes Clinton took, albeit only barely, the popular vote, but the American process, designed to govern a spread out nation, places executive power in the hands of an individual who is chosen in a combined state/popular vote, combination.  This gives the people most of the say, but filtered through their home states.  This is what keeps every President from being a Californian or a Texas.

So they need to grow up.

And, on a final note, Liberals, who have changed their name recently to "Progressives", have become terribly anti democratic, which should give everyone pause.  A lot of the social change that they've been boosting in recently years, well. . . . all the way back to 1973, has come through the courts and is being foisted upon people.  A lot of the reason they have to deal with a President Trump now is because of the judicial coup given voice by Anthony Kennedy last year, which sparked a massive shift in the election demographics that's hardly been noted and is being misinterpreted.  The lesson there is that Liberals might actually have to try to convince voters that their ideas are sound, rather than simply sue their way into nirvana.  Pouting won't do it.

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