Sunday, November 13, 2016

A D- Analysis: "Energy, Cheney helped fuel Trump's success in Wyoming"

The Tribune has a headline today that declares:
Energy, Cheney helped fuel Trump's success in Wyoming
An article follows.

Oh, what complete bumpkis.

Trump won in Wyoming because he was the GOP candidate.  Absent a spectacularly successful and credible third party candidate, that was never in doubt.  The GOP candidate was going to win here no matter what.

The bigger story is that there were actually over 2,000 write in votes in the Presidential campaign in the state this go around. Given the small population of the state and the accordingly small number of voters, that's the story.

And Cheney aiding Trump?  As if.

Cheney won because Tim Stubson and Leland Christenson tore each other apart in the primaries. Together they took more votes than Cheney.  A person can argue about it, but if one of those two had dropped out, chances are not bad that person, not Cheney, would be the new Representative.

I suspect that Liz Cheney is much less popular than people suppose.  She was, however, the Republican and that seat was going to a Republican. Greene ran a good campaign, it should be noted, but his early support for Bernie Sanders and the fact that he came out in support of Clinton sank any chance he ever had, as my analysis on the local races noted.

But energy and Cheney aiding Trump?  Nah.

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