Thursday, November 17, 2016

Lessons Learned: No Dynasties

One clear message from this election is no more Bush's and no more Clinton's.  Enough is enough.

Political insiders believe in dynasties  They think that because you are the son, wife, cousin, or whatever, of somebody who was in office, the public likes you.

Not hardly.

The public things you are trying to become royalty.

In the history of the American republic there's been only two exceptions to this.  The Adams and the Roosevelt's.  We got two of each, and that was it.  I don't know about the Adam's, but with the Roosevelt's there were others who did indeed have serious opportunities to rise to high office, but in the end they backed off.  The family is still around today, and still as smart as it ever was.  But it doesn't run for office.  There are living descendants of Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin D. Roosevelt.  They don't run for office as they know better.

Indeed, there are living Theodore Roosevelt's and living Franklin Roosevelt's.

The Bush's and the Clinton's should have visited them this year.

No matter, I'm sure that there are those in the beltway looking at what Chelsea Clinton and various young members of the Bush family can be positioned for right now.

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