Monday, November 28, 2016

Lex Anteinternet: The tumult and the shouting

 The day after the election I posted this:
Lex Anteinternet: The tumult and the shouting: I wonder if there's any chance that Facebook shall return to normal tomorrow or later this week. . . . to the extent it was normal. Hm...
I knew better, but I did sort of hope.

By this point, after the oddest election in anyone's memory,  I think most people are so burnt out and tired they'd like a political break.  I know that I would.  Indeed, I'd planned on more post election commentary, but I'm so tired of it all already that I haven't done it, and likely won't much.  I can hardly even stand to listed to the weekend political shows right now.

None of which, I'll note, stops the real diehards. 

Maybe that's part of the problem.

We've endured eight years of comments from people who thought Barack Obama was the worst thing ever.  While some are now denying it, a lot of that commentary got extreme rather quickly, and quite a bit of it bordered on racist. 

Not racist, but an example of this, is that I have a dear friend who was just appalled by President Obama's election as he was so much further to the left than my friend, who took up calling Obama a Marxist and who meant it.  Whatever he was, President Obama was not a Marxist, nor a closet Muslim, nor a Kenyan.  It was all too much.

Now we're going to see four years of the same thing, I fear, with Donald Trump.  One liberal friend of mine seriously takes the position that Trump, in order to make good his suggestion that he'll work with the left (which I don't recall Trump making) needs to surrender on the Supreme Court. That's a little like Custer demanding a Sioux surrender at Little Big Horn as a show of good faith.  It isn't going to happen as its absurd. 

I've now seen a Facebook meme with a photo of a tired US soldier in World War Two claiming that those who voted for Trump are traitors, having betrayed the cause the soldiers fought for by voting for an implied fascists.  Oh come on.  That's the same thing as calling Obama a Marxist.

Enough for awhile.

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