Sunday, January 1, 2017

Where's the Rose Parade?

A question in this household first thing this morning.

But not from me.  I couldn't care less about the Rose Parade or any football associated event scheduled for the New Years weekend . . . or any weekend for that matter.  No, my plan, like yesterday's plan, was to head out for the wily goose.

Of course, today's plan is working out much like yesterday's, including for a couple of frustrating things I'll simply omit.  Yesterday I had intended that also, but ended up diverted early due to a problem that developed, and then later I dealt with the wind having blow a closed vent off my trailer.

Yes, a closed vent.  It's been really windy.

By afternoon my plans were shot so I diverted the plans and closed out 2016 by going to Confession. A good way to end the year really, and one which, I think, I'll mark as something to repeat in the future on the last day of the year, should that be a scheduling option. Then we went to Mass on the anticipatory Mass.  This morning I was reluctant to wake up my spouse by digging into what I needed to get to head out early, and as a result I know have a mission I'm supposed to accomplish.  Uff.

Anyhow, "where's the Rose Parade?"

My wife and kids watch it every year, although I'll note that my son, like me, trailed off in his interest in it over the years.

Well, as I read this morning "The Rose Parade has kept a 'Never on Sunday' tradition since 1893, the first year since the beginning of the Tournament, that New Year’s Day fell on a Sunday.

Good for them!

Sports on Sunday have been a tradition in the English speaking world back to Catholic England, so it's not really a new phenomenon.   At that time, of course, it was all amateur.  And it was one of the things, along with Christmas, that the Puritans banned during their period of crabby administration of England.

And if that doesn't tell you who should have one the war between the Parliament and the Crown. . . well the restoration of the monarchy didn't just bring back foppish costumes, doggone it.

Anyhow, I admire them still.  Give people Sunday off.  And American sports have become excessively overblown, so perhaps the Tournament of Roses can stand, on this one, not only as an example of the way things have been done, but could be done.

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