Saturday, January 7, 2017

New feature: Best Posts of the Week of dd/mm/yyyy


Just this.

We're starting a new feature where we are going to go back and list the best posts of the prior week, assuming that there were any, on Saturday mornings. Some weeks there will be none, perhaps most weeks.

The reason for this is that over 2016 we dramatically increased the number of posts we were putting up . . . well we did about 300 more, due to the election in part, but more than that, due to tracking a lot of daily events of 1916.  This was part of our effort to track the Punitive Expedition in real time, and to get a sense of what like living in those times was like.

That's been fun, and apparently it's been a success as our monthly views have enormously climbed, but it also means that we are now risking some of the better posts we do, or at least the ones we think are particularly good, getting buried.  This feature will just reemphasize, on a weekly basis, the ones we think are really good.  Maybe they are, maybe they aren't, but it points out the opinion of the author, anyhow.  We hope you enjoy, and of course, you are free, as always, to ignore.

On this new feature, which will be listed on Features menu on the right side of the blog, we would note that anyone hitting it now will note that there are already some links on this topic.  We've added a couple of posts and backdated them in the spirit of this feature, linking in some of our old favorites.

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