Saturday, January 28, 2017

Cheyenne State Leader for January 28, 1917. Utah Guard Crosses Mexican border?

Just two days ago we noted the centennial of a Punitive Expedition Era clash between "Mexican forces" and the Utah National Guard.

On this day, residents of Wyoming were reading about it in their papers.

Folks in Cheyenne learned that the Mexican forces were Constitutionalist troops, which I believe to be accurate.  They also read, however, that the Utah Guard crossed the border into Mexico.

That would have been a hugely significant matter, if correct.  Generally, National Guard units were not supposed to cross the border into Mexico, and in the opinion of the United States Attorney General at the time, couldn't leave the country at all (although they certainly had in prior eras).  Unfortunately, with the passage of time, it's difficult to tell if they did cross for sure or not.  I suspect they did, as the newstory rings true for the time.

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