Thursday, January 19, 2017

Military Small Arms of the 10s: Small Arms of WWI Primer 014: Canadian Ross Rifle Mark III.

I've been dealing, of course, with the 10s a lot recently.

Well, always actually.

But more specifically, starting in March, I started dealing with 1916 a lot, and now with 1917.  And more specifically than that, while I've been trying to give a lot of contemporary events from a century ago, a lot of those events were military events. 

So, I may provide a few details on the weapons of the period, which were making a lot of noise, literally and figuratively, and for no particular reason, I'm starting here, as it was an easy video to find.

Yes, this doesn't have much to do with any store we've followed closely, except slightly with the Irish Canadian Rangers, but I'll add more details on that later.

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