Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Casper Daily News for January 5, 1917. Amuse your chickens.

This Casper paper doesn't have anything on the front page on the ending of the Joint Commission with Mexico, unlike the one Cheyenne paper did on this day (the other Cheyenne paper also did not).

I'm posing this one to show that, basically.  Some of the headlines are the same as those that ran in Cheyenne, some not.  Things like that, then as now, are up to the paper.

By focusing on stories that relate to the Punitive Expedition I'm likely giving a false impression that every paper, everywhere, was equally focused as the Cheyenne ones were.  Not so.  This Casper paper (one of two or three that were published in Casper at that time) did not focus on it nearly to the same extent, for whatever reason.  That's important to note.

Crime and scandal figured largely in this issue. The exploration of oil prospects near Powder River, which would cause a boom there, was going on in a major way.  And the odd item in the bottom left hand corner.  "Chickens should be amused, says expert."

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