Monday, July 31, 2017

I managed to miss. . .

some of the Administration drama of this past week.  I had no idea that Reince Priebus was outsted this past Friday.  I had a really busy day this past week, and I just didn't know that until I listed to the Sunday morning shows while mowing the lawn.

Nor did I know, therefore, that he'd been replaced by Homeland Security Secretary, retired Army General John Kelly.  And I don't know what I think of that.  I guess, in a way, that stands to make Kelly to Trump what Haig was to Reagan, except that Reagan's administration didn't have the appearance of utter chaos.

I heard one comment, concerning the number of former military officers surrounding Trump, that it is a "war cabinet".  It certainly looks like one, although I don't think we can take that too far.  But the degree to which its military top heavy is a bit odd, suggesting that Trump simply likes former servicemen for their leadership style, or that the service has become too corporate for its own good.  We'll see, I suppose, if these former generals are able to arrest the general chaos.

If it is a war cabinet, perhaps the time is right as we had another North Korean ICBM launch and the North Koreans are now capable of hitting any state in the union except for Florida with an ICBM. The only saving grace to that is that they are not capable of placing a nuclear warhead on one.  One commentator blandly commented that the North Koreans would, of course, not use a nuclear missile on the basis that simply wouldn't be rational.

Well, keeping a state locked in Stalinist 1939 isn't very rational either, particular for a leader educated in Switzerland.  Grabbing women from various places to be the forced spouses of captives isn't either.  Running an economy that is demonstrably completely broken, when simply opening the border would solve a lot of the problem, isn't rational either.  Strapping a general to an antiaircraft gun and setting it off for execution purposes, if it has any rationality to it all, is style manifestly evil.  Assuming rational  actions out of North Korea imposes a rather large assumption on the lives of millions.

And for that reason, I'm convinced that war with North Korean is now inevitable.  Indeed, if North Korea was a Middle Eastern state, Israel would have already launched a preemptive strike.  We are going to.  It's only a matter of time.  And not much time.

I guess, therefore, at least Trump is surrounded by folks who have some military experience when that comes.  Not that he's listening to them.

In terms of not listening, he better be listening to the Republicans in Congress defending Jeff Sessions. Whether you like Sessions or not, he's under fire for doing the right thing.  Trump doesn't seem to quite grasp that being President of the United States isn't the same as being CEO of a family business.  Should Sessions be fired, a GOP revolt in the Senate will follow.

Oddly, all of this might be something that only fans of politics follow.  Out in the general public, it seems, quite a few feel that low gas prices and pretty good employment rates right now. . .well.. . . trump all these concerns. It would seem that at some point chickens of chaos come home to create a messy roost.  But until, and unless, that occurs, maybe much of this doesn't matter, or seem to, for a lot of Ameicans.

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