Thursday, July 6, 2017

All electric?

Anderson Electric Car, on promotional tour from Seattle to Mt. Ranier, i 1919.

Volvo, whom we associate with Sweden, but which is now owned by Chinese interests, will no longer introduce new models of car with internal combustion engines after 2019.  

That doesn't mean it'll be out of the gas and diesel engine business.  I don't know if this announcement applies to its diesel heavy engines at all, I doubt it, but it'll keep making internal combustion engines for existing models after 2019.  It's just that its stating that its new cars will be all electric.

Industry analysts claim that this isn't that big of deal, but if Volvo holds to it, it is for two reasons.  For one, a major manufacturer simply stopping introducing new models of car with gasoline and diesel engines is a big deal. We're likely to see other manufacturers follow suit.  This would seem to show a trend towards the end of the internal combustion engine in some applications.

Secondly, while this comes from Volvo, Volvo is Chinese owned. That's remarkable in and of itself, but that a Chinese company is getting out in front this way says something as well.

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