Saturday, July 22, 2017

Exist Spicer, stage left (or right, it doesn't really matter).

No matter how it is spun, counter spun, etc., the departure of Sean Spicer from the Trump Administration is probably a good thing for the Trump Administration, a good thing for Spicer, and a sign that there's truly trouble in the Trump Presidency.

Spicer always sounded horrible as the spokesman, and looked it too.  He always sounded blusterty, but not convincing.  He'd become the burnt of jokes.  But somehow, he never looked comfortable in his own skin really.

Spicer holds a commission as a Commander in the Navy Reserve, a quite senior Navy rank, and it would appear to me that he amounts to more than his press role with the Trump Administration might suggest.  As a naval person, it's hard not to make the sinking ship analogy, but things do appear to be a genuine mess in the Administration right now and the early round of early changes signals that Trump has never really managed to get his feet on the ground.  If we had a parliamentary system, about now we'd be seeing a vote of no confidence. It'll be interesting to see  what we see from an obviously disgruntled Spicer going forward.

And it'll be interesting to see if his spat with Dippin Dots ceases.
Sean Spicer @seanspicer
If Dippin Dots was truly the ice cream of the future they would not have run out of vanilla cc @Nationals

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