Friday, July 21, 2017

Afraid of Democrats? A telling comment

On one of the weekend shows this past weekend a poll was noted in which a sizable percentage of Republican voters were noted as "being afraid" of Democrats.  I did a google search and didn't find any such poll, so it might be a fairly limited one.

Anyhow, in that segment the Democratic reaction was interesting and telling.  Democrats, apparently, didn't poll as being afraid of Republicans, although a google search will turn up piles of things that Democratic voters are worried about in regards to (presently) Republican President Donald Trump.  It's telling, as in their answer they tend to acknowledge that the party now holds some really radical views that people are afraid of and then they rush off to economic issues.

The Democratic Party is the worlds oldest political party and its evolved enormously over the decades.  Andrew Jackson would not recognize the current Democratic Party. That's probably a good thing too.  But a lot of Great Depression voters wouldn't recognize it either.  Shoot, the party that existed when I could first vote is hardly the same party it is today.

But, in spite of that, the Democrats define themselves in terms of the Great Depression.  Put under any stress at all, the party goes right to the idea that it is the party of hard working blue collar Americans, wearing chambray shirts and newsboy caps, working in a steel mill in Pittsburgh in 1933.

The mythical Democratic Voter.

But it doesn't.

Somehow over the past fifty years the Democrats have gone from a party that discovered Civil Rights (after the GOP had the lead in it) to one that has deeply unnatural views about human beings and which angles towards radical concepts regarding human nature.  Most people, being natural people, don't hold those views and that's why the Democrats have been taking a pounding.

It's interesting how this tends to show up in regards to repeated Democrat recent defeats, when explored on the weekend shows.  Average conversations tend to go like this:
Bob Moderator:  Okay!  Where here today on This Day With The Press to interview Senator Susie Greenwich Village and Representative Bill Manhattan.  How you are you folks today?

Village:  Just great Bob!

Manhattan: Fantastic Bob, and let me give a shout out to the Brooklyn Dodgers!

Moderator:  The Dodgers are in Los Angeles now Bill.

Manhattan:  Oh, well, I believe in a fully inclusive nation and while I represent the great people of my district in New York State, I still love the people of New Mexico.

Moderator:  Los Angeles is in California.

Manhattan:  I love them too.  Particularly their native daughter Linda Ronstadt.

Moderator: She's from New Mexico.

Manhattan:  Oh.

Moderator: Well, Congress folks this past week the Democratic Party took another pounding in a special election in the 875th District of Georgia.  You folks were expected to win but lost by a margin of 172.34%  Our post poll, poll revealed that people down in Thudpucker County aren't too happy with Donald Trump, but that the Democratic Party's recent bill to declare that there's just one gender and declare a national day celebrating that, and their bill to make cheerleader squads and infantry battalions gender neutral, and in fact equivalent to each other, offended folks. What do you intend to do about that?

Village:  Well, Bob, what we have to do is to emphasize our inclusiveness. We're the party for employing everyone, that steel mill worker in Pittsburgh, that worker in the Curtiss biplane factory in New Jersey, that single mother employed as a Liberty Ship builder in Newport News. We're for them folks.

Manhattan:  That's right Bob.

Moderator:  What about these social issues voters?

Village:  Oh, we think they should have jobs too.  Yes, we're for jobs.  Our plan it to have jobs by having jobs.  And good jobs. . . like in steel mills and cigar factories.  .
Yeah.  That's going nowhere.

And frankly, a lot of rank and file voters have good reason to fear the Democrats.

Somehow, the Democrats have gone from a party with a strong ethnic base in the North to one that is very strongly centered on a WASP base and which is deeply radical in regards to opposing a lot which is plainly apparent in human nature.

We know that there are men and women, and that men and women, when they get together, produce children. But the Democratic Party doesn't know that and in fact, in some instances, is deeply and fundamentally opposed to that idea.  The Democrats have radically altered the meaning of marriage, or rather they've adopted the radically altered definition of it.  They're well on their way to so embracing the concept that any sexually driven concept is okay that they've gone from a party that would have simply opposed common discrimination against people with same sex attraction, a view that the majority of Americans have held for a long time, to one that requires people to embrace any such drive.  The point at which this rationally stops is no longer apparent by any means.  They have fully embraced the idea that while its natural for the NFL to be all male, combat, the most physical and dangerous of any human activity, and one which has been all male since day one, must now be gender neutral.  This has gone so far that the Army is now issuing standards for female soldiers encountering "transgendered" men in showers, something that would have caused a criminal sanction in any earlier time.  

And the party continues to embrace a view of life that's deeply hostile to life itself, basically adopting a view that killing at either end of it is okay.  

No wonder, therefore, voters who are rooted in any Faith at all, or who simply are grounded in an actual understanding of nature, fear the Democrats.

And that explains a lot of why we are where we are.  Commentators and politicians keep saying we need to embrace our shared values and come together. But that presumes that we share values.  It isn't at all clear that we do.  Indeed, its become pretty apparent that the Democratic Party has become hostile to traditional values in a major way and no longer will allow a voice for them.  And wouldn't if it were in power.

So, no matter how bad the alternatives are, that means a lot of formerly Democratic voters are going to go elsewhere, and quite a few of them will regard themselves as having no choice but to do so.

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