Sunday, July 2, 2017

Sometimes things throw back . . . but not always well.

On this day, in 1917, Kingdon Gould, Sr,. the son of legendary railroad man Jay Gould, married Italian born Annunziata Camilla Maria Lucci in Manhattan.  The marriage was rather obviously outside of his ethnicity, something that would have been uncommon for a man of his position at the time.  The marriage would produce three children:
  • Silvia Annunziata Gould (1919-1980)
  • Edith Kingdon Gould (1920-2004) who was an actress and a poet.
  • Kingdon Gould, Jr. (1925-) who was Ambassador to Luxembourg and the Netherlands under Richard M. Nixon and Gerald R. Ford and whom is still living.
During World War Two, in order to address shortages, Mr. Gould attempted to revert to the use of carriages, much as he was likely still using at the time this photograph was taken.  He sent his daughter Edith, who would later serve in the Navy during the war, down to purchase horses to pull them.  As related by Time Magazine's July 27, 1942 issue:
To beat the gas & rubber shortage Manhattan's Mrs. Kingdon Gould took the old family carriages out of mothballs, sent Daughter Edith to buy a pair of horses. Inexperienced Daughter Edith came back with a pair of brewery-truck-model Percherons.
Note that they are depicted in their nuptial finery . . . which is quite a bit dressed down compared to many weddings we see today, even though he was a very wealthy man and this was a very formal era.

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