Saturday, July 1, 2017

It's been a really slow week on this blog

Truly, it has.

Why is that, you may, or may not, be asking.

Writers block?

Well, not, not really.  Just entirely too much to do this week.

And, contrary to the way I usually feel about things, I just haven't felt like writing.

I have done some posting, but most of it has been on our oldest blog, Holscher's Hub and on the revival of an old one, The Aerodrome.  Indeed, almost all the posting I've done is on that latter blog, trying to bring it current.

Which likely means that our reading base here will drop off even further, even though we will return to posting here as before.

Indeed, on that, we were down last month to 9,924 views for the month. That's not bad, and it's quite a few more than the 7,005 that we had in June, 2016.  Of course, it pales in comparison to March, 2017, just a few months ago, when we had 55,954 views in a single month.  But we were posting a pile of entries then as our tracking of the Punitive Expedition was wrapping up, many of which were linked into Reddit, which boosted their readership.  We knew it would drop off thereafter, and frankly almost 10,000 views in a month is really pretty good, for a blog of this type.  Prior to the frequent posting on the Punitive expedition we'd occasionally top off at about 5,000 views per month, which we also regarded as being pretty good.

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