Saturday, March 11, 2017

Best Post of the week of March 5, 2017

For the week of March 5, 2017.  It was a week of sickness, old military standards of a century ago perhaps reviving, and collapsed standards in  American society reflecting themselves in the US military.  All commented on here.

  The annual day of sleep subtraction arrives once again.

I've been sick with a virus. . . 


For the first time since 1917. . . .

A bearded Col. Selah H.R. "Tommy" Tompkins at the Juarez Racetrack in 1919, a post Punitive Expedition incident in which the US crossed into Mexico.  Known as "Pink Whiskers", the beareded Tompkis was from a distinguished military family.  This photo is surprising in that by this time beards were no longer allowed in the U.S. Army.

Yes, it's bad behavior. Immoral, and criminal. But at what point is it nature?

And if so, should that be considered in some fashion?

 Marine Corps poster from 1915 emphasizing that the Marines fight, but placing, very oddly, an attractive young woman on the poster.  One of two such Department of the Navy posters featuring women, who couldn't join the Armed Forces at the time, in male uniforms to, oddly enough, emphasize the manliness of the service.

Cretans and Creeps in the Age of the Computer. Was "Yes, it's bad behavior. Immoral, and criminal. But at what pont is it Nature?"

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