Saturday, March 11, 2017

The annual day of sleep subtraction arrives once again.

From prior years, on the evening this year, in which we "spring forward".

Lex Anteinternet: No, just go away


Last fall, when I ran this:

No, just go away

World War One era poster, from when Daylight Savings Time was a brand new announce.
I have not been able to adjust to the return to normal time this year.
Not even close.
I'm waking up most morning's about 3:30 am.  That would have been early even when Daylight Saving's Time was on, as that would have been about 4:30, but that is about the time I had been waking up, in part because I've been spending a lot of time in East Texas, where that's about 5:30.  Indeed, my inability to adjust back to regular time is working out for me in the context of being up plenty early enough to do anything I need to do in East Texas, but it's the pits back here in my home state.
I really hate Daylight Saving's Time.  I understand the thesis that it was built on, but I think it's wholly obsolete and simply ought to be dumped.
I meant it.

But the annual darkening of the morning time unreality event is back. So now I get to feel exhausted by act of Congress.

I see I'm not alone in my views. There's a petition to Congress.  There was a bill in the California Assembly.  And in Kansas.  And a petition to put it to a referendum in Utah. Rhode Island is considering ending as well.

And good riddance, I say.

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