Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Enough already

He lies the way no American politician has lied before. The occasional untruths that other recent presidents have spoken — often unwittingly — do not compare with the frequency, intensity and deliberateness with which Donald Trump offers falsehoods.
The New York Times, editorial of March 21, 2017.

We can't expect the New York Times to like Donald Trump, but the Times isn't far off the mark.

How much more of this can the country take?

It isn't as if Trump needs to be telling the whoppers he is, or if there's an element of truth to them, to explain them. He's won the election, and he's been fairly successful so far in getting his agenda up and running.  

There's been some speculation that his early strategy is simply to fatigue his opponents in the public mind so that he has no or little public opposition.  Maybe that's working, but it isn't very dignified and its unnecessary.  News of the sort we're getting every day is just too much, and its something the country hasn't endured since Watergate, which itself was all because of unnecessary deception.

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