Saturday, March 18, 2017

Excélsior, Mexico City's second oldest newspaper, founded

And there was certainly a lot of news for it to follow.

Mexico, which was still fighting a civil war, but which was slowly seeing the Constitutionalist solidify their hold on the country, and which had recently adopted a new constitution and formed a new government, was much in the news.  In the US it continued to hit the headlines nearly daily, thanks to German blundering efforts to entice the country into a war with the United States, should the US enter the war against Germany.

In the midst of that, Rafael Alducin founded the Excélsior.

Rafael Alducin

He was just 28 years old at the time.  After his death at age 35 publication of the paper was taken over by a worker's cooperative. It remains in publication today, although cooperative ownership collapsed in 2006 after the fall of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, after which the paper was sold to new ownership.

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