Monday, January 2, 2017

The Local News: The Casper Record for January 2, 1917

But, the Casper paper didn't feature Mexico at all.

Indeed, I'd be disinclined to put this one up, given the stories that I've been following, but for the fact that by only putting up the Cheyenne papers that covered the story in Mexico extensively I'm giving a false impression.  In Central Wyoming, when you picked up your local paper (there were two) you might not be reading about such events at all.

Residents of Natrona County Wyoming, on this day, were reading about a railroad disaster near Thermopolis. That spot, by the way, is still bad and there's been a train wreck there within the last couple of years.

Like residents of Cheyenne, they also were reading about the weird gubernatorial spot in Arizona.  Long term residents of Wyoming would recall, however, that Wyoming had a similar episode about 20 years prior to this one.

And there were the cheery economic articles, common to Wyoming papers of this era.

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