Saturday, August 13, 2016

Changing times; the electronic newspaper.

I've been posting a lot of newspapers up here recently. . . from 1916.  Part of my effort to focus on that year and things about it, in the context of the purpose of this blog.

This morning, however, I had a different interaction with our local 125 year old newspaper.  I read the online copy, which is now, an electronic copy that's 100% duplicative of the paper version.

I woke up really early, something I've been plagued with recently, and the hard copy wasn't here yet.  I've noted that the electronic copy looked pretty good. . . well, I stumbled into that as I'd been ignoring the daily emails on it and finally opened one up.  But, well, it's quite well done.  It may actually be, for some odd reason, more readable than the paper version.

That's great, I suppose, but I worry how they'll continue to keep on keeping on in the electronic era.  Good though it is, I wouldn't subscribe to it.  Perhaps others would. But for the paper version, I wouldn't be getting it.  Which I suppose is part of the reason that local papers are in trouble now days.

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