Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Yes, weakling your father really was stronger

According to a study in the Journal of Hand Therapy, as reported in the press, the grip strength of millennial men and women has declined compared to the same in 1985.  According to a quote on NPR's "Shots", it's health news site, this is due to a change in work.
"Work patterns have changed dramatically since 1985, when the first norms were established," says Elizabeth Fain of Winston-Salem State University, who led the study with Cara Weatherford. "As a society, we're no longer agricultural or manufacturing ... What we're doing more now is technology-related, especially for millennials."
Not to be deterred, at least one redditor blames this on a different thing, that being a 50 year decline, also noted in that organic chemical in men that makes them men.  That's probably a more disturbing story, but it has been scientifically noted.  Isometric hand strength is different in men and women and related to that, but the decline in strength has been noted in both men and women.

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