Friday, August 12, 2016

Lex Anteinternet: Queen Elizabeth II in Canada. Has the Queen been deposed?

Almost from the very moment I posted it, this post has been in our photograph of a young Queen Elizabeth in Canada has been one of the top ten here.

Well now, suddenly, it isn't.

I was always surprised it was so popular (although not anywhere near as surprised as I am about the Niobrara County Courthouse thread, I have no idea why it so popular.  People just like the Queen, I suspect.  I'd often find that "young Queen Elizabeth" was a popular search term that brought people to the site, and I suspect it still will be.  And it could get back in to the top ten, it isn't far off. But it might be soon.  The bottom half of the top ten are mostly recent arrivals, and in the last couple of weeks, and indeed, the last few months, new threads have appeared and shot up into the top ten very rapidly, replacing ones that had been there for months or now even years.  In the bottom half of the top ten, only the post about the Girl Scout's manual remains from the older set of posts.

Queen Elizabeth had been up there since nearly the moment her photograph was first posted.  Indeed, at one time that post was the second most popular post here.  Not that this means a lot.  When it slipped off the top ten it was a little shy of 300 individual views, which isn't that many.  The perpetually popular post on hats has over 1,500, but that's not really that many either.  There are blogs where individual posts no doubt get that many viewers in a single day.  This blog, right now, has a little over 150,000 views for the whole blog, which really isn't that many either.  There are apparently a fair number of email subscribers who get daily posts, which is evident from how quickly some posts get views, but very few of them have registered on the blog as "followers", which you do not need to do in order to get the email updates.  So it's not like we're one of those blogs that gets thousands of views a day.

Recently, however, we've been getting a lot more views than we used to.  It started off when we posted a series of newspaper front pages on the Punitive Expedition or perhaps when we started posting on the Punitive Expedition in general.  Recently we've been getting over 10,000 views per month with some days having really high viewership.  Very recently we posted a few items on the 100 Years Ago Today subreddit, and that explains the items that recently shot up to the current top ten in part.  Not entirely, however, as the one on How The West Was Settled merely referred to another site, but it shot up almost instantly.  Likewise the commentary piece on Playing Games with Names shot up very quickly.  They must have gotten linked in somewhere or circulated on some email chain as there's no other easy way to explain it.

The popularity of a couple of threads is fairly inexplicable in and of itself.  Why the Niobrara County Courthouse thread has been popular forever is beyond me.  No other courthouse thread is, and that same courthouse on our less viewed Courthouse blog sure doesn't receive that much attention.  It's odd.  I suspect that people are looking for the courthouse and hit upon this site, but not the lesser viewed Courthouse blog one. But why just that one?  And Niobrara County is the state's least populated county, so are that many people actually looking for the courthouse?  Well, maybe, if we keep in mind that its only a few hundred views.

One that went out with Queen Elizabeth was the Mid Week At Work photo of workmen working on the furnace of the Shoreham Hotel.  That one also always baffled me.  It was, until recently, just ahead of Queen Elizabeth.  When she briefly popped back up into the top ten she came out ahead of it, of course, but she didn't stay there long.

She popped back in, I'll confess, as I posted a link to that photo on a couple of sites hoping she'd make it back into the top ten.  I like that photo.

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