Monday, August 1, 2016

Cheyenne State Leader for August 1, 1916. Guard getting ready to leave and some leaving the Guard.

Cheyenne's less dramatic evening paper was reporting on this day that it expected the National Guard to depart for the border at any moment.   South Dakota's Guard, we read, was in fact off to the border.  There was quiet a bit of dramatic news for Cheyenne residents returning home to their paper that today.

Somewhat surprisingly, the paper actually reported on who was being discharged for physical infirmity, and even giving the name of one who was being discharged on August 1.

Also, perhaps emphasizing the improving relations with Mexico, in spite of the ongoing deployment of the National Guard, Carranza's forces were pursing a five man raiding party that had been earlier pursued by the 8th Cavalry.  Perhaps emphasizing the global outbreak of violence, we read also that Zeppelins had the UK for the third time in a week.

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Pat, Marcus & Alexis said...

Also in the news, elsewhere, that day (from Reddit's 100 Years Ago Today):

Ford dropping price of cars:

A heatwave, which had also been a feature of the North American weather recently, was making life in the trenches even more miserable:

New York threatens to deploy its already mustered Guard in the event of a railroad strike: