Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Lex Anteinternet: Glasses Redux, wherein I ask for advice.


Back about a year ago, I published an item about glasses:
Lex Anteinternet: Glasses: I started wearing glasses when I was in junior high.
Well, actually I didn't.

I'd just gotten reading glasses, in addition to my regular glasses.  In regards to that, I noted:

Recently, I've had no choice, and after an eye examination, I had to have a second pair made, one for work, and one for home.

My reading glasses.
I hate them.
The ones I have at home are on a pair of rimless frames, much like my Bausch & Lombs. The frame is a bit heavier, but they're still not bad.  I thought it would look silly, however, to have a set of reading glasses with temple frames duplicating my regular glasses.
Of course, the new frames have a huge lens, reminding me of why I hated that kind of frame to start with.
I'm not blaming anyone. This is just part of life.  But it's the pits.
Well, a year has passed and I hate them more than ever.

The reason isn't the frames, it's the switching back and forth, constantly.  I order to see my computer, I put them on.  If somebody comes in, I have to switch back to my other glasses, if I want to see them, it's a pain.

To make matters worse, I now find that the distance at which my computer screen is set, about 2.25 feet from me, fits into a zone that I just can't focus in now.  I found that to be hugely problematic this weekend as I was working on electrical outlets.  I hate working on electrical things in general, but it's really the pits to work on them if you flat out cannot see them.  And this now happens to me a lot.

So, the question is what to do?

I don't want to be constantly shifting glasses back and forth, particularly as some of the time I'm someplace like the grocery store where I don't want to take off one pair of glasses and put on another.  

I've given, therefore, some renewed thought to adopting contact lenses. I'd still need reading glasses, or probably two pairs. but maybe putting on reading glasses would be less of a pain than taking my regular glasses off and the reading glass on?

My son suggested lasix surgery, but having anyone operate on my eyes, scares me. But then, a couple people I know have had it done and reported great results.

Anyone out there dealt with this? What'd you do?


Merideth in Wyoming said...

Lasix surgery when it was till fairly new - in Denver about 2001. Never regretted it. Now I do have to have reading glasses to read (eye doctor says they cannot fix old) but it's better than have to switch glasses or bifocals. If lasix makes you nervous go to a place where they do tons of them like the Denver Eye Institute.

Pat, Marcus & Alexis said...


It does make me nervous, I guess because I heard some stories with mixed results when it was new. But the one person I know well who had it has been very happy with it. I am considering it.