Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Dense Nature of Political Commentary---Just because you would think that way doesn't mean others would.

David Frum is a Republican Neoconservative.

Well, actually, and quite frankly, he's really a Canadian conservative (which would be a mild liberal by American terms) who has passed through Harvard and acquired naturalization, all of which may be fine but which doesn't make him a Conservative even if he thinks he is, or if his employer The Atlantic thinks so.

The reason Frum matters to this entry is that Frum is undoubtedly a super smart guy, but he's also a guy who shares about as much in common with the average American conservative as I do with the Imperial Japanese family.  Not much.  But he doesn't know that.  He thinks he does.  And he's not the only one in his boat.

Now, the reason I"m picking on Frum here is simple.  He's been showing up a lot recently on commentary outlets, standing in, in the eyes of the Press, as a Conservative against Trump.  In reality, he's part of the urban "I went to Harvard law school" elite and while he's on the conservative end of that, he's clueless on what the Conservative constituency actually thinks.

And he's not alone.

For that matter, the Democratic elite is pretty clueless on what the average liberal American thinks as well.

And that's a big problem.

I'm not commenting on any actual current event.   But the widespread, and it is very widespread, view that "I have analyzed the stuffing out of this and determined what is best for Demographic X and therefore I know that Politician Y has just slit his own throat" is complete and utter nonsense.

It can work that way. . . but it often doesn't.

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