Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Today In Wyoming's History: Updates for May, 2017: Caps and Clothing of 1930s Working Men.

This month's update thread on our companion history blog:
Today In Wyoming's History: Updates for May, 2017:

May 1:  Wyoming State hiring freeze added for 2017.
Totally unrelated to the updates, what a great photo of engineer caps in use by railroad men in the late 30s or early 40s.  The men in foreground are reading newspapers (a couple of them must be travelers) and the ones in the background are playing dominoes (they are at work, but obviously waiting for something).

Indeed, what a great photo of work men's attire in general.  The man standing on the right has an engineer's cap, boots, "carpenter's" pants, and a leather jacket.  All when working men generally dressed to fit their roles (which they still often do), leather was common, not a luxury item, and before the dominance of the baseball cap.

I missed this one when doing what was formerly our most popular thread here,  Caps, Hats, Fashion and Perceptions of Decency and being Dressed. Too bad, it's a great one.  Lots going on, and it says a lot about all kinds of things.

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