Monday, May 15, 2017

Bike to Work Week in Bike Month

Bike Month Dates and Events

I'd forgotten that May was Bike Month.

I did recall that there's always a Bike To Work Week.  Unfortunately, it's always in May, which means that it comes here in a month that's still slugging it out with winter.  Indeed, snow is predicted for later this week. . . just after I took the side panels off of the Jeep, of course.

I often do bike to work, but rarely in May.  The weather just doesn't accommodate it here.  So this week, I won't be biking to work, and will even miss bike to work day, May 19.  Of course, my schedule isn't allowing for it this week either.

Which is part of the problem in the task of restoring the bicycle to its former status that once rivaled the automobile.


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