Thursday, May 11, 2017

Lex Anteinternet: Riding Bicycles

Shoot, yesterday I missed this:

Bike to School Day

Join the Celebration on May 10!

Thousands of students, families, community partners, and elected officials around the country will celebrate the benefits of biking and walking to school during National Bike to School Day.
I only became aware of it due to this:
I don't recall anything like that happening myself, but then in 1974 I was only eleven years old. Given local distances, this sort of thing almost certainly did not occur here, however.

So in belated honor of the day, I'm linking in an old post on bikes as transportation:
Lex Anteinternet: Riding Bicycles:

 Catholic Priest riding a bicycle in South Dakota, 1944.
As well as our prior commentary on biking in general:

On Riding A Bicycle

Most summers I ride my bicycle to work quite a bit.  I do that as it forces me to get a bit of exercise, it saves on the use of diesel fuel, and because I just like doing it. This year, however, I got around to that for the first time today.  I didn't get a chance earlier as it seems the City of Casper and the State of Wyoming has determined to rip up every street I might conceivable wish to ride on this summer, simultaneously.  On my way here today, for example, I went through two construction zones.
I have to say, yesterday, May 10, was a pretty nice day here, but it didn't start out very warm and early on the weather looked a bit threatening.  It cleared up, however.  Still, for here, this time of year can be a bit dicey for riding a bike to school.  Having said that, I walked to school my entire school career, all of it. Seems like that's a rarity now.

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