Monday, May 15, 2017

I've been missing a lot of the news, and commenting on it even less. . . .

as I've been super busy.

It's funny how when things are like that, you can put big events up on a shelf that you'd likely normally pay quite a bit of attention to.

For example, I'm not shocked and dismayed that ESPN has cancelled Garbage Time and has yet to assign a new role to Katie Nolan, as a news clip revealed  yesterday. . .

. . . so nobody is too worked up about that here? Well, okay.

More seriously, Donald Trump fired FBI director James Comey.  That's big news, but I haven't had time to really pay much attention to it.  I do note that the New York Times is already after Trump about it, but I'm pretty much ignoring my NYT feed these now days. Ignoring gives some credence that the NYT is at war with Trump so much that they'd criticize his breakfast choices if they knew them, which doesn't mean that the Comey story isn't a big one.  Still, I find myself strangely disinterested in it as I haven't been able to catch up with it.

Likewise the passage of a new health care bill in the House.  That's big news, but I haven't had time to really pay much attention to it.

I wonder, quite frankly, for busy folks in 1917 if that's how all the grim war news was.  Just more news"  We look back and figure everyone must have been wrapped up in it every day, but not necessarily.  Super busy people, and there were super busy people, might have been just as distracted then as now.

Which doesn't mean I'm completely unaware.  No, I'm picking up the paper every day and reading it.  But I'm so busy on some other projects I just don't focus a great deal on it. Some of that is bad, and quite frankly, perhaps some good.

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