Thursday, November 3, 2016

What's with all this voting early?

"I already voted".

You are schmuck.

Sorry, it's true.

Okay, it isn't true, and its harsh.

However, there's no point in voting early unless you are going to be out of the country, or something.  Otherwise you are simply gambling that the nominees from any one party will still be on the ballot on election day.

What if Clinton backs out, knowing of some deep evil secret in her email? What if Trump finally gets pushed off the nomination by the Republicans who hate him?  What if it turns out that everyone gets uncomfortable email from Anthony Wiener and they therefore decide to depart for a private island in the Caribbean? What if Clinton suddenly decides to retire to a convent, like female powers did in days of old, after coming to the realization that you can't really be for death cradle to grave and still be a Christian?  What if the New York Times saw a bad story for Clinton that it couldn't find a way to rationalize as a good news for the Democrats?  What if some new European  model catches Trump's eye and he decides to remarry next week?  What if Trump becomes a Trappist monk this week, having tired of models as spouses?

What if the Cubs win a World Series?

This year anything could happen.


Merideth in Wyoming said...

What if it's a 84 mile roundtrip to the polling place????? If the weather is bad, I don't go. So I vote early by mail. Makes sense to me if not you.

Pat, Marcus & Alexis said...

Oh, that makes sense to me.

I'm mostly be snarky. I keep hearing people right here in town say they're voting early just because "they want it over". But it isn't over, as they say, until its over.

Weather, absence, distance, illness, are all really good reasons to vote early. Indeed, even if you think weather, etc., may play a role (and around here, they sure can) that's a good reason.

Pat, Marcus & Alexis said...

It further occurs to me that I owe you (and the other early votes) an apology.

I'll post that in the main text. I'd take the post down, but it's already done the damage, so it's best this way, I think.

I also have a question. I have voted by mail, years ago, when I lived in Laramie. But I can't recall how it works. Do you have to post by the election date, or well before?