Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Cheyenne State Leader for March 9, 1917: Guardsmen Keep Thier Overcoats

Wyoming National Guardsmen being released from service were relieved to learn they'd be able to keep their overcoats.  A rumor had floated that they were to be taken and burned.  Not so, said the Army, they'd keep them. 

In March, in Wyoming, that was really good news.

The Marines had landed in Cuba.  Out of Mexico and into Cuba?

The false story about Germany broadcasting the Zimmerman note to Mexico by radio was being floated.  That never happened, but the British were circulating the story as cover for how they had learned of the message.  Zimmerman himself was reported to have provided funds for an anti British rebellion in India. 

The Graf Zeppelin passed away, as did the American Ambassador to Japan.

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