Thursday, October 20, 2016

Think Big? Nah. . . just think natural. You are fine, the way you are.

How silly can we be?

Around here there's been a series of billboard for cosmetic surgery.

Now, let me be frank, I'm not keen on cosmetic surgery.

At least not where it addresses some medical need.  People who were burned, or had surgery, or something, I get it. There trying to restore their appearance to its pre incident norm.  I'm in favor of that, and I agree that's a medical treatment.

But just because you want to meet somebody's definition of beautiful?

So the existing billboard made me uncomfortable.  But they were subtle.  You couldn't really tell what the beautiful people. . . did I say people. . . beautiful women were having done, or had done.  Okay, so I felt uncomfortable, but not icky.

Then I saw the new billboard that stated "Think Big".


And on that billboard was a naked woman.

Now, she's not all visible.  She's not visible from the waste down, and the middle section of her torso is where the Think Big logo is, so we see nothing there.  But her mid drift is, and she's quite think, and her head neck and shoulders are, and she's a very good looking, and very dolled up, woman.

Think Big, means, big boobs.  The price is between $5,000 and $6,000 (I didn't catch it). And there's at least two of these billboards up.

Well, miss, don't think big. Think natural.

Your boobs are just the size their supposed to be.  Nobody needs surgery to make them any bigger.  It's unnatural and its weird.

Think natural.

Why would a person go under the metaphorical knife for this? For goodness sake, its unnecessary and its vain.

Just say no.

You are fine, just the way you are.

And that applies to your rear and your nose as well.  Just don't.

And what's that say about us? A society so wealthy, and vain, that people would undergo surgery for this? 

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