Thursday, October 13, 2016

Overheard at the Airport

Denver International Airport.

Stop staring at me!  I see you staring at me!

I'm so sick of dishonest people.  You don't want my drama! 

You sound like my grandmother (to elderly women speaking to one another, which they fail to note).

I'm sick. . oh its peanut butter (said while female subject is at first rubbing her stomach and then going on to upper torso in a manner not generally done in public).

(Turning around to crowd in line).  I feel your eyes on me!  I know that you are staring at me!

Denver.  Stoned capitol of the Rockies

Houston International

For those with a Samsung 7 Note, we have a trash can for you.

Apparently they catch on fire the announcer was tired of the longer announcement.

And; with a face suddenly appearing between a book I'm reading, while I'm drinking coffee and eating a cold danish.

I like to see what people are reading. 


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