Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Crime in France and the United States. Rates, cause and effect.

News comes to us that Kim Khardashian was robbed at gun point in France.  Now, while I don't admire the Khardashians, who seemingly have made a living out of being famous for being famous and for wearing clothing that's basically indecent, or sometimes no clothing at all, being robbed is bad, and being robbed at gun point no doubt very traumatic.  May she recover from the trauma soon, and perhaps, in addition, take a lesson away about being famous for flashing. . . jewels or whatever.

Anyhow, this shocker, in the US, no doubt comes with the added shock for some that, surely, France being a European nation, and (while its not true) Europe being a big gun free zone (again, not true) surely there's very little robbery in France.


Gee, this would suggests, um, no prove that the robbery rate in the United is declining to just about half of France's rate.

Well, lets just talk about theft in general.

Here's the burglary rate for the US:

Here it is for France:

Hmm, actually just about the same.

Not that all crimes are equal in both countries.

Here's one of the worst:

And in the US. We come out the worst here by far:

Well, what about murder:

The lesson?

I don't know if there is one, but the simple conclusions some like to draw about implements doesn't seem born out.

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