Saturday, October 22, 2016

Exposing the foolishness of transfering the public lands

The much anticipated study, sponsored by the legislature, to examine the costs of transferring the public lands to Wyoming reveals. . . we can't afford it.

Or that's what it basically reveals.

The costs would be really high, and we just can't bear the cost.

That this would be the case, and that the same result has been arrived upon in other studies, elsewhere, is no surprise.

Also no surprise is that one legislative sponsor of this much disliked proposal won't concede the evidence. And that should give us pause.

The state's economy is the thing he cites, which means in the long term , or maybe not even the long term, one simple thing.

They'd sell the land off, or end up dong so, and essentially destroy the character of the state.

Politicians holding this view should be held accountable.  If you hunt, fish, or hike, you need to change their minds.

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