Monday, September 5, 2016

Taking it to the courts. . . the appalling spread of litigation into Wyoming's politics.

Conservatives, which with rare exception almost all Wyoming politicians claim to be, have long decried the intervention of the courts into politics and even daily life.

So why are they causing that here?

The Casper Star Tribune has a front page article on suits by and against politicians, all of which have some common threads here, and in fact some of which have common individuals in at least the "Seven Degrees of Separation from Kevin Bacon" fashion.

Boo hiss.

One suit profiled is the suit by Cindy Hill, whose name came up here back when the big power struggle over her position was going on.  Hill was a divisive figure whose leadership of the state Department of Education was hugely controversial.  She left that position to take a run at Governor Mead, apparently grossly overestimating her popularity and resulting in the vacation of her position for a new office holder.  Good riddance in my view.  She has a suit against former Wyoming Speaker of the House Tim Stubson over something he apparently wrote on his Facebook page.

Defamation suits in modern America are nearly impossible to win and my predication is that this one will fail.  It'll have served no purpose other than to cost Stubson money, keep Hill's unfortunate public personal in the news longer, and perhaps have cost Stubson some votes in the recent primary. It ought to serve to keep Hill from ever running for anything again as public officials who are so thin skinned they sue for defamation aren't suited for the office, as things are going to be said against you.  Look what they said about Lincoln, Washington, Roosevelt (either one). Shoot, for that matter, look what they've said recently about Bush and Obama.  It's overall appalling.  But they didn't sue anybody.

Next we have a suit by serving Legislator Gerald Gay and an ultra conservative Uinta County resident against Governor Mead about some funding on a building.  Gay is quoted in the paper today complaining that part of the problem is that the Legislature wouldn't consider a bill of his.

Well, Gerald, grow up.  They don't have to.

I don't know if Gay is currently running, but this should be a red flag to Republicans in his district.  Get rid of this guy next primary season. 

Finally, there's a person who was some sort of Hill lieutenant of some sort back when, who filed the ethics complaint about Eli Bebout. Reading the paper, I thought this one a closer call, but the complaint recently was dismissed in Bebout's favor.  The complainant has stated "it's not over".

Well, it should be over.  You lost.

The common thread is an interesting resort by the Tea Party here to the courts. 

Sort of takes a page out of what is routinely claimed to be the liberal play book.  Interesting.

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