Saturday, September 3, 2016

Late Summer, 2016

I can't wait for the fall to arrive.


Rich said...

And I thought I was having a heckuva year.

I'm guessing that you hit something like a deer to cause that sort of damage to the grill and hood.

Pat, Marcus & Alexis said...

A different ungulate, somewhat larger.

Yeah, it's been one heck of a year alright. Started with my mother dying in April and I haven't caught a break since.

How have you been?

Pat, Marcus & Alexis said...

I meant to put a grill guard on that Jeep, but as I'm cheap, I delayed and delayed it. The one I have in mind costs about $300.

There's a lesson in there. I'll spend more than that now. I've been using it for a daily driver.

Oh well.

Rich said...

Last winter, I twisted my knee getting off the tractor, then right after it healed up, a little heifer calf I was tagging twisted it the other way (which really, really hurts in case you're wondering). Apparently, I don't bounce back as quick as I used to and it's taken all summer to get sort of back to normal.

Besides all that, everything's going good with the cattle and grass, and not so good with the wheat and sorghum.

Now that my knee's better, I'm going to try to post more, since a sore leg was making me sound like a grumpy old man whenever I tried to write something.

Pat, Marcus & Alexis said...

That does sound painful.

A few years ago I really damaged an ankle bad when I tripped on something at the bottom of the stairs. And I mean bad. It was in the Fall, and it took all winter to heal. By the next Spring, when I thought I was okay, I mounted up on horseback for the first time since it happened and uff, what agony. I learned a lot about how much I was using stirrups.. I ultimately just didn't get off, when on, as it was less painful that stepping back down on the ground.

We really don't heal up like we did when we in our 20s and 30s. It takes me a long time to recover from a significant injury now, compared to when I was young.

I'll be looking forward to your posts.