Monday, September 26, 2016

The first debate

Do you intend to watch it?


Rich said...

I'll say to myself that I don't see any point in watching it.

Then, I'll probably watch it anyway.

Both candidates will say the same exact things they've been saying for months. Nobody will talk about how much their grandiose plans are going to cost or how they're going to deal with 20 trillion dollars of debt that will probably be 30 trillion before their first term even ends.

The Republican commentators will say that Trump obviously won, while at the same time the Democrat commentators will say that Hillary won hands down.

Immediately after the debate, the results of a few polls of a handful of people will be touted as indisputable proof of who is going to be elected president in November.

After all that I'll be wondering why I wasted my time watching the debate and I'll likely be thinking harder about voting for NoneoftheAbove (who I hear is coming up in the latest polls).

Until recently, I'd have never even considered voting for a candidate like NoneoftheAbove, but now I think it might be the best choice.

Pat, Marcus & Alexis said...

That's about how I feel about the whole thing too.