Monday, October 5, 2015

Size, geography, facts and figures

"It only take the German post office one day to take a letter across Germany. . . why can't the U.S. Post office do that?"

Well, because Germany is the size of my state, not the United States.  Think about it.

"The U.S. has so much more violence than Australia or Canada, why don't we adopt their laws and then we'd have just as little crime as they do. . . "

No, we wouldn't.  The US has over ten times the population of Canada or Australia.

Ten times.

Given that, we should have ten times the crime. We don't.

"Cars only cost $4,000 back then, why don't they cost that now, darn it?"

Because $4,000 back then equates to about $30,000 now, and those cars were dead by the time they had 60,000 miles on them.  So the ones now are a better buy.

Just think, if we sell this house we bought 20 years ago, we'll have so much money we'll be able to buy a really expensive new one! 

No you won't.  If your house costs a lot more than when you bought, so will any replacement house, even an equivalent one.  Getting more for something that's going to cost you just as much more to replace isn't a good deal.

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