Monday, October 26, 2015

Does this make sense? Busing

I went out back this morning to get some trousers off of my illegal clothes line, and found that at that early hour, 7:00 a.m., a school bus was across the highway picking up kids.

7:00 a.m.

And this for a short bus ride.

Going back in, and remarking to my wife on it, she noted that the rural kids have already been on the bus for an hour.

Does this really make sense?  With our "school of choice" system here, we're busing kids all over town from really early in the morning.  Well, not "we", the School District is.  Our kids have always been taken to school by us, their parents.

When I was a kids, I walked to school the entire time I was going.  But at that time, our school choice was geographically determined.

The state picks up the tab for all this busing, but I have to wonder in an era of declining mineral revenues if they'll put a halt to it.  Frankly, in a lot of ways, it doesn't make very much sense.

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