Monday, October 26, 2015

Service Shoes. Everything old and ugly is hip and cool again.

 Service shoes, made by Chippewa.  I've had these for 25 years.

In my email in box this morning is an advertisement from Brook's Brothers for, of all things, Red Wings boots of the type that I call "service shoes.

Service shoes are an old Army pattern, dating back to early in the 20th Century (probably to around 1903 or so) which are built on a Munson Last.  They are really plane.  I've had a pair of Chippewa service shoes that I wear for general kick around stuff that I've had now for 25 years, and they are still going strong.  I didn't know that Red Wing made them as well.

The fact that Brooks Brothers, the legendary men's clothier, is offering them says something, and I guess what it says is that they've become hip somehow.  I wonder how that happened?

Well, they certainly are a durable pattern.

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