Sunday, November 23, 2014

Regaining the joy of reading?

As folks who stop by here know,  I'm a member of the ABA, but I'm not a huge fan of it.  I tend to think its overly focused on big city white shoe firms, which is a world that most lawyers don't live in. And, having achieved its goal of improving practice standards eons ago, it now spends time, it seems, fishing around for relevancy where it shouldn't be.

Anyhow, none the less I do find some of the articles in its journal interesting, on occasion, or sometimes just odd.  Recently it ran something on whether the practice of law had wrecked the joy of reading for lawyers.

Apparently there are lawyers who feel this way, but I can't even conceive of that.  How could it?  Sure, we read a lot at work, but we aren't typically reading the things we read for enjoyment.  I know it hasn't wrecked it for me by any means.

I also know that it's impacted my abilities as a writer.  I've always like writing, but I'm a way faster writer than I used to be by a huge margin.  On the detriment side, I do find it harder to focus on writing things I should be writing that are unrelated to work, while at the same time writing is obviously a release for me in other ways.

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