Monday, November 3, 2014

Lex Anteinternet: Lex Anteinternet? Rexamining our purpose.

Here's our first post on this blog:

Lex Anteinternet: Lex Anteinternet?:

Lex Anteinternet?

The Consolidated Royalty Building, where I work, back when it was new.
What the heck is this blog about?
The intent of this blog is to try to explore and learn a few things about the practice of law prior to the current era. That is, prior to the internet, prior to easy roads, and the like. How did it work, how regional was it, how did lawyers perceive their roles, and how were they perceived?
Part of the reason for this, quite frankly, has something to do with minor research for a very slow moving book I've been pondering. And part of it is just because I'm curious. Hopefully it'll generate enough minor interest so that anyone who stops by might find something of interest, once it begins to develop a bit.
I"m not too sure, looking back, that we ever did a very good job sticking to the purpose, but we did used to do a better job at it.  Over time, indeed nearly darned near immediately, the "practice of law" aspect of the blog, while never absent, diminished.  Indeed,  the most popular practice of law thread on the blog, which right now stands at number ten on the all time popular posts on the blog is on a contemporary issue, the mal-adoption of the Uniform Bar Exam, (but which is decreasing in rank in recent months as the dismal situation the Wyoming Supreme Court created by forcing the adoption of the UBE sinks in and become the low norm, and therefore less interesting, as a lessor standard always does once adopted).

More properly, the blog has ostensibly tried to focus on changes over a century, or comparing the period of roughly a century ago to now.  That was always a secondary focus anyhow, and it rapidly became the primary one. Even here, we've strayed a bit, but I think we'll try to get back on focus somewhat.  Not that diversions won't continue to occur. . . .

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